● 主な使用MOD(Patch Level1.67 / 2015.3現在)
NRaas Industries
・The Overwatch_V119
・NRaasSaver V21
・NRaasWoohooer V128
・NRaasRegister V80


・No Drift/Lower Level Free Cam Camera Mod(IP用に更新)
・One More Slot Please! (with vertical shifting)
・Add Any Lot Size

Lighting Mod
let them burnt waffles


● 使用ツール

・Custom Content Fix for PETS(Grant/Sims3 Stuff n Things) →
・Sims 3 Dashboard tool(MTS) →
・s3ce(aWT) →
・Sims3PatchDownloader(MTS) →
・Clean Up Sims3Packs(MTS) →
・s3pe(Simlogical and the Dead End Tests) →
・TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer(TSR) → 

※7zファイル形式の解凍ソフト →

● PC環境
OS:Windows7 Professional (64bit)
Processor:Intel(R)Core(TM)i7 @3.50GHz
Card:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

・Expansion Packs
World Adventures, Ambitions, LateNight,
Generations, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life,
Island Paradise, Into The Future

・Stuff Packs
High-End Loft, Fast Lane, Outdoor Living, Town Life, Diesel